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Green Curly Kale 'Kapral' seeds, 2g Of Seeds, NEW

Green Curly Kale 'Kapral' seeds, 2g Of Seeds, NEW


Kale 'Kapral' is a medium early variety with dark green leaves that are heavily blistered and very curly. The lower height, typically 40 to 60cm (16 to 24in) tall, makes it ideal for more exposed production areas. It produces an abundance of tender and delicate, densely curled green leaves which can be harvested throughout the winter months. This wide framed variety also makes an ideal babyleaf subject. Also known as ‘Curly Kale’, the frilly, dark green leaves are often mistaken for an ornamental garden plant and can be used to best effect in potagers and flowerbeds. Perfect for Singapore weather !

Growing: seeds can be sown directly once the soil can be worked or start inside 4-6 weeks prior the planting date. Sow the seeds 1/4in (0.6cm) deep inside fertile, well drained soil preferably rich in organic matter. For baby leaves sow apprx 60 seeds/ft in 2-4in (5-10cm) bands in 3/4in (2cm) between the bands. For full size sow apprx 3 seeds every 8-10in (20-25cm), thinning to 8-10in (20-25cm). Row spacing: 18-30in (46-76cm). Water regularly to keep the soil moist (not soggy!). Warm, bright location with plenty of sunlight. 

All our seeds are NON GMO, 100% Natural & Fresh, Free From Harsh Chemicals & Destructive Compounds.

Contains 2g of seeds.



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